Thomas & Greaves Project is a House album created and produced by B&G Intellect Music in collaboration with Bizzibee Recordings. 

This album will have you dancing after the stimulating “Poetic Sex” intro. It starts with an uptempo song “On Fiyah” which is about the heat of love and passion that becomes a melting pot of suggestive lyrics with a pulsating beat. The hook was previously written by Ian Greaves and when it was introduced to Miracle Thomas it was the beginning of great things to come. 

“Lumba” is the next track with an incredible live percussion groove by Patrick Dawes who played and recorded with the legendary Richie Havens. The producer Bizzibee involved Patrick on the song to utilize his experience as a percussionist who has played live with many House deejays. 

“The Ice Cream Song” is a combination of vocals by lead singers Miracle Thomas and Ian Greaves. Ian starts with a high level of energy which is followed by consistent energy and angelic vocals by the sweet singing of Miracle Thomas. Producer Bizzibee was not short in delivering creative ideas for a full-packed track with a jazzy horn riff. 

“Satisfy My Sex” (F.I.L.T.H London mix) is a song that was originally penned for a multi-platinum-selling artist. After recording the song Miracle Thomas fell in love with it and felt that the song should be included on the album. The idea to keep the song was presented to Brian Bowry of B&G Intellect Music who instantly agreed that the song would enhance the album. 

“Goody Spot” represents the G Spot which is tastefully done in this very witty track using baseball terminology. Some of the references are bases loaded, strike, pitcher, and the batter just to name a few and the rest is up to the listeners to use their imagination. 

“Can She Love You” the hook was taken from an original song written by Miracle Thomas. The producer’s musical interpretation took the song to another level with a hint of Dancehall and male chanting that’s brilliantly arranged by Bizzibee.

The song “Rave” was a replacement for another song. The idea came from Brian Bowry who wanted a song that spoke about dancing and people having a good time. Bizzibee created a vibe that represents the rave which will keep you in a party mood. This song instructs you to put your hands in the air, jump around and wave.  

“Cheers” is a mid-tempo groove that highlights the party spirit but at the same time reflects on the period of the Covid-19 pandemic. The statement in the song is “you can’t drink with a mask on your face”. If you could, wouldn’t that be freaky freaky? This is a party song that will get you in the mood to dance and can lift your spirits during challenging times.

This version of “Satisfy My Sex” is more seductive with no blurred lines. It’s right in your face for the grown and sexy. It will look, taste, and feel like a miracle once you have this album in your collection.

We had the album Castles Of Dreams in the making for a number of years. We wanted to produce a product that would represent the high standards that we associate ourselves with.

It was a case of finding a world-class producer to collab with…one that could understand and relate to our direction. We however did much better… We discovered the Grammy-winning Jimmy “Senya” Haynes… Haynes later became one of our mentors.

It was a fantastic opportunity to benefit from his outstanding skills. It brought to mind some words of wisdom from Eddy Grant when he said …“Ian if you want to climb mountains; you have to hang with mountain climbers”.

Here is “Sweetest Precious” taken from the album “Castles of Dreams”. It features Gillian Cadogan on vocals. Written by: Ian Greaves & Cecil Haynes. Produced by: Jimmy “Senya” Haynes. Additional Production, Mixing and Mastered by Paul Miles @ Select Recording Studio London. Executive Producer: B. Bowry & I. Greaves for Intellect Music Productions.

Sweetest Precious

In 1990 and 1991the Intellect Music label signed artists UK SOUL, SLY-LA-RY, and SPEEDY. The style of music during the primary stages was mainly Worldbeat. This was a fusion of traditional beats fused with pop influences.

The Caribbean House Party albums were both top-selling albums during the early 90s of the Barbados Crop Over Festival.

These albums remained at the top of the charts for many months. The featured artists were Sly-La-Ry, UK Soul, Speedy, and the songwriter of the projects, Ian Greaves. It should also be noted that Sly-La-Ry and Uk Soul were two outstanding singers in the finals of the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Show. They were spotted by Brian Bowry and Ian Greaves of Intellect Music and were signed instantly.

These two groundbreaking albums were a fusion of soca and pop. It was always the intention of Brian Bowry and Ian Greaves to take Caribbean music to the next level.

The Barbados-based label went on from 1993 to put out several compilation albums and singles.

INTELLECT MUSIC had success with much airplay on BBC radio, CHOICE FM (now CAPITAL XTRA), and many other stations worldwide

US-based label VP Records and UK-based Jet Star also licensed a number of the company’s tracks. This contributed to a number of chart-toppers in Trinidad during the carnival period.

“Hold Ya Bam Bam” is taken from that album

Artist: Peter “Speedy” Zephrin.

Written by Ian Greaves, Executive Producers Brian Bowry and Ian Greaves for B & G Intellect Music