Intellect Music was founded in1990 by Brian Bowry (CEO) and Ian Greaves (Creative Director).

The company was created to start a whole new revolution in musical styles and to push Caribbean music towards higher levels. This was done by fusing the many different musical styles and by taking risky steps to restructure and rebrand the various artists signed to the label.

INTELLECT MUSIC is now a multi-genre company, producing artistes worldwide.

Bowry and Greaves came from a strong background in Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Soca, Rock, and R&B.

The childhood friends always shared the vision of excelling on the world stage


Thomas & Greaves Project is a House album created and produced by B&G Intellect Music in collaboration with Bizzibee Recordings.

This album will have you dancing after the stimulating “Poetic Sex” intro. It starts with an uptempo song “On Fiyah” which is about the heat of love and passion that becomes a melting pot of suggestive lyrics with a pulsating beat. Click here to hear the clip

Castles Of Dreams was in the making for a number of years. We wanted to produce a product that would represent the high standards that we associate ourselves with.

Miracle Thomas created an original Holiday song with Ian Greaves from Barbados and Souheil Benhaji Serradj from Algeria. The sound is fresh with elements of R&B /Soul, Neo-Soul, and pop. The track is suitable to put you in the holiday mood. Let’s keep spreading the love “ALL AROUND THE WORLD “